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S H O R T   S T O R I E S

A N D   A N T H O L O G I E S

T R I C K S ,  T R E A T S   A N D   Z O M B I E S

Hordes of gnashing, chipped-tooth mouths and grabby hands... anticipating Halloween treats. This time they aren't wearing masks. This time... YOU are the treat.

And They.






Stories from some of the best authors in the genre and a special foreword by best-selling author Joe McKinney. Join us as we trudge from house to house, ringing bells, and knocking on doors. Happy Halloween.

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F R O M   N O W   O N :  T H E   L A S T   W O R D S   A N T H O L O G Y

A villainous father and a hero in the making.

A dream wedding interrupted by a mysterious stranger.

Freedom fighters rebelling against the status quo.

An alternate reality beyond the mirror.

A genetically engineered virus.

An underground society and a girl fighting to leave it behind.

A city isolated from the real world and suspended in time.

Selective survival.

The banshee apocalypse in Maine.


Nine talented storytellers share tales that focus on the moment everything changed. In a dystopian society, very little is certain, but one thing is for sure.


From now on, they'll save themselves.

IMPORTANT: All proceeds from online purchases will be donated to JDRF to help support research and treatment for kids with diabetes.

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I N K   F O R   P I N K

When life seems perfect, a storm moves in and rocks our world, turning it upside down. Some are harder to weather than others, but what happens when the worst occurs? Do you give up or do you face it without wavering? 

Ink For Pink is an HEA collection of short breast cancer stories that show the worst possible storm these fabulous characters can face while not giving up hope. 
They didn't have to go through it alone, and neither do you. Ink For Pink, an army united in pink!

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